Take me to Church

You don’t marry just anyone and therefore not just anywhere. At The Church, you celebrate a traditional wedding in the holy church where the roof can be partied off after the vows. The atmospheric church with stained-glass windows is the location for culinary enjoyment and a hip party. The Church is officially designated as the ‘House of Congregations’ and you can have your wedding celebrated here.


A ‘yes-wedding’ naturally involves bubbles and a wedding cake. Through our collaborations, we can help you find the perfect cake. Already found a perfect cake? No problem, you can have the cake delivered by whoever you like.


For us, organising your wedding is already a party in itself. A special part of the party is the dinner. And we realise that wishes vary greatly. Besides 6, 9 or 12 courses, we also serve walking dinners.


In the evening, the roof goes off! Swinging with good music and tasty drinks. From cocktails from our cocktail bar to the tastiest wines and special beers! We party until the church bell strikes 01.00 and we roll into our bed in one of the floating rooms. The unique location guarantees a top party.

We look forward to shaping your big day together with you, and we will work with you to see which interpretation suits you best. We like to do this over a drink. You can reach us by phone at 026-2148800 or