About us

About us

About Bart & Janiek

I was born and grew up in Ruurlo, my parents or family don’t really have any affinities with the hospitality industry yet from a young age I was really only into cooking and baking. Therefore, I was determined to find a side job in the hospitality industry at a young age. Through word of mouth, I entered the Garden Room in Ruurlo, an artisanal kitchen with classic French cuisine. From the first moment I stepped into the kitchen, I felt that this was what I felt at home and where my passion lay. I have actually always worked at a high level and the colleagues and work mentality attracted me the most in that, everyone is all ready to get the maximum out of themselves to take care of the guests in the best possible way.


The thing I was taught from a young age by my parents is that if you want something you have to work for it. In fact, this has always been my life motto and I am a firm believer that if you do something with complete abandon and give it your all, the impossible is possible.


For example, sometimes I would find that I couldn’t do something very well or didn’t quite manage to do it, then I would go to my mother’s house at night after work and raid the refrigerator to practice until I could do it, and then I would make sure I could do it the next day.


In my personality and cuisine, honest and pure are central. Pure in the standards and values but also in the flavors and honest as in the products should speak for themselves and everyone should be able to say and think what they want.