Wine & dine in Heaven

Looking up, your gaze glides through the organ and floating hotel rooms to the ceiling vaults and monumental chandelier. A luxurious lounge & cocktail bar and the restaurant are set under the blue sky of The Church. Moodily framed by a mix of up-to-date interior design, stained glass windows and king-size street art-style murals. Along the walls you can have drinks and snacks on comfortable couches and seats. And on Friday and Saturday nights, a DJ serves up light lounge sounds to accompany your after-dinner cocktail. This is Arnhem’s place to be!

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Chief Bart Leussink

Bart’s kitchen stands for pure ingredients and quality. Not too much fuss but surprising flavor combinations. Every preparation is done to bring out the product better and make the quality better. There is a lot of use of acids, pickled vegetables, umami and seasonings. The techniques used are mostly from classic French cuisine given a modern twist. Combined with influences from Japanese and Oriental cuisine. The genuine hospitality that comes from Janiek’s heart combined with her expertise is applied in the restaurant. You feel right at home.

What are you in the mood for? Join the chef, at chef’s table or opt for one of the round tables where you can sit nicely with several people. It is also possible to dine with your own party in a historic room in the former church while the chef cooks for you privately. Twice a month, enjoy a fabulous champagne brunch at The Church on Sundays.

The menu consists of a Chef experience menu with a choice of 6, 9 or 12 dishes. In addition to this menu, we also serve a la carte dishes. The dishes are small and served in quick succession. The menu is composed of fresh flavors and digestible ingredients. Fish and seafood are widely used. If meat is used, it is often combined with fresh herbs or pickled vegetables.

Tip! Several Sundays a month, enjoy a sparkling champagne brunch at The Church.

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